Building a Maslow CNC in the UK

Bristol fish have access to a

This is a build log and notes.

We’ve ordered a

@tolley_simon this is somewhere you could stick the links

list of materials

UniStrut Frame designs

Frame design options

UniStrut components


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Great, I’ll try and get this stuff ordered this week :slight_smile:

Maslow technical details

6x “21mm 4m’ £84
1x 48mm 4m Superstrut £15

at least:
24x L-Brackets £4.32
48x m10"x 3cm" bolts £5
48x 3/8" (m10) strut-nuts£8
10x m10"x60mm" bolts £3
10x m10" standard (or airplane) nuts £3
1 box m10"x 3cm " steel washers
12x 3/8"x2" steel washers
4x 1/4"x2.5" bolts
12x 1/4"x1.5" steel washers
4x 1/4" standard (or airplane) nuts

Here’s a great place to get strut channel from