Reading the Seneye API

It would be interesting to query the Seneye API and get MQTT data from it that can be used in Node Red.

Step 1 - Query the API and get values

Step 2 - Write a add-on to display the data.

A MQTT broker can be found here: http://hassio.local:8123/hassio/addon/core_mosquitto

An alternative approach is using a bash script

But that may be less useful than the MQTT approach


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@Samuk I’ve been looking at how to run scripts on Hass -
The approached I used is -based on the hassio addon tutorial you posted above.

The first step is to connect to the hass device through a terminal. The terminal addon works, but I found it to be generally much quicker using ssh to connect (it responds more quickly). There doesen’t seem to be any difference between the two in terms of access to the device.

Once connected navigate to the addons folder cd ../addons should do it.
Add a new folder for the add-on.

In the new folder create three files: config.json and Dockerfile

You can copy the dockerfile and config file from the tutorial. Change the name, slug and description in the json file to something appropriate. is the script you want to run. As far as I can tell it can be any arbitrary shell script.

To activate it in home assistant go to the tab, and from there to the add-on store. Click the refresh button in the top right- and the addon should appear under local addons. install and start it. The script should then be run, and subsequently run whenever the device is started.